A more highly evolved life-form laments the passing of nature.
NOTE: the jumpy, quick reactions of these characters occur because, by the time we made a video of this realtime performance, the computers calculating their responses had gotten so much faster -- an interesting parallel to the jumpy quickness of the earliest B&W films when seen in faster, more modern projectors.

(sorry, runs on PC’s only - this was from before my conversion) Made back in 1997, this could be the world’s first drama performed by automated actors.   

Realtime software generated their voices and the movement of their lips directly from a written script.  They themselves decided where to look, based on their spatial awareness of other actors and the audience.  They made their own facial expressions too, by combining automated feelings about who or what they were looking at with their feelings about emotive words they said or heard.

Like a human actor, all they needed to perform was a written script, some basic blocking, and some cues to switch costume.  Oh. yeah, and I had to write the notes for the song, but most human actors need that too.