Chris Shaw’s SPLIT is back!  - on DVD
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In 1989, Split, a psychedelic social satire, premiered at the Telluride Film Festival, inspiring groups of filmgoers  to spontaneously don robes in imitation of those worn by devotees of the sweet-and-low-snorting prophet-hero in Split.  When the film opened in U.S and European art-house theaters,  reviewers’ reactions diverged wildly from fresh, stimulating and brilliant, to crude, loud, and pompous, with almost none in between.
Since then, better-known films have siphoned from Split’s prodigious display of imagination. However, Split itself has lived on only through the trading of extremely rare, worn VHS copies among a miniscule cult of devotees...
Until now!  The full, feature-length version of Split is now available to everyone, on DVD.
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